Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cookies and Commencement

I wish I was graduating. Two of my spectacular friends graduated today. I was lucky enough to stop by and spend some time with them and their families. They are just so grown up graduating and starting a life in the arts! It is just too great. I love seeing what they are both currently doing and what they will continue to do. Way to go, Kellen and Sabrin!

One of my friends is a vegetarian/vegan. He's a doll. I made him a batch of Dreena's cookies which were soo delicious. I was bummed that it only made about 8 cookies, but dang, it was so worth it! I also loved that they did not require Earth Balance. It is nice to make cookies that don't call for certain 'vegan' ingredients. Of course I ate more than I should since I did make them as a gift... I had to explain that I accidently ate three of them... Make them, seriously. You will be impressed. Good ingredients, good consisetncey, good taste. Yum.

After teaching this morning, I met up with an ol' friend that I hadn't seen in months. It was so great to catch up with her. Since then, I've run around from party to party visitng. I am completly cashed. Finals, teaching my butt off, parties, birthdays, etc. I've been pretty busy. After the last party I went to tonight, I stopped off to get a bottle of wine and am now relaxing. Finally!

I'll be continuing my evening drinking some fabulous vino and nibbling on some nuts listening to gypsy jazz. Mmm. Hope you are enjoying your Saturday! Love to you all.


  1. I'll make them! I've always wanted to try that recipe.

  2. You will love them, I promise!

  3. I love cookies! Thank you for sharing the link for the recipe because I really want to try them! :)