Saturday, March 27, 2010

Raise your glass and let's Roast!

Boy o' boy am I in love with roasted vegetables. I've always loved the taste of them, but recently fell back in love with them this week. I've certainly done my fair share of roasting vegetables - intentionally and unintentionally. But, right now, I'm really into intentionally roasting up some goodness in the kitchen!

I went to visit my sister in Madison, Wisconsin and picked up a beautiful medley of baby potatoes at their indoor farmers' market. I need to say it, I'm ecstatic for spring and the farmers market in Green Bay to start! It was great to get some good local snacks and the potatoes I ended up roasting were just delicious.

One of my girlfriends came over for din-din and I roasted pretty much everything we ate. Once you've established a relationship with your oven and how long to cook things, roasting is a super easy technique to use when entertaining. I staged everything out and put things in at the right time. It gave me and my BFF plenty of time to catch up and giggle over some brews.

If you're looking to entertain with minimal involvement, roast! Roast your veggies and you'll have more than enough time to clean up your kitchen and enjoy good conversation with your guests. I promise the picture above of my messy kitchen was a breeze to clean up!

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