Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday madness

When it comes to sports, poor Bakie's can't catch a break. His Pop is known to be a little vocal when watching any sporting event. Throughout the football season lil' Bakes will hide behind me or find a comfortable shelter away from all the action. I defiantly don't blame him. Listening to grown men clap, jump, yell and hug watching a game is bad enough, when I have to listen and watch it, it makes me want to hide, too. He stayed strong through the Olympics and is now being a good sport watching NCAA Championship. I'm going to get him some earmuffs for the World Cup this summer, they'll be much needed.

I would have opted to finish watching Twin Peaks this afternoon, but basketball won... That's more than fine 'cause I made a huge batch a popcorn to accompany our lazy Sunday afternoon.

My mom was about to toss her old air popper, the PopCorn Pumper a few years ago. I immediately claimed it and have been giving it plenty of corn to pop. Air poppers are great! They're perfect for any popcorn lover that enjoys healthier options. I usually melt a lil' Earth Balance in it's little melting area and toss whatever seasoning I want on top - Garlic and Cayenne, Salt n' Sugar, Cajun spice and nutritional yeast or just plain ol' butta' n' salt. However you like to season your air popped corn, I guarantee it's healthier for you and for the environment.

If you don't have an air popper and are interested in popping your own, start by popping some over the stove. Not only is it fun - it is! But, it's fast and easy! Microwave popcorn is a thing of the past! Once you taste how good stove popped or air popped corn tastes, you'll never go back to some crummy disposable bag of blah.

How do you like to pop your corn?

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