Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yeast, schmeast!

No yeast! No problem!

85% of the time when I make home made pizza I always forget yeast at the store. Craving some comforting home made pizza and not wanting to run out in the cold to go get some, I risked it and tried it without. It works! Never again fear being without yeast! I am relieved knowing I can make a beautiful crust without yeast at any time! Just lovely!

This indiviual crust recipe is soft and rolls out smoothly. Mix the dry ingredients and spices together. Add the oil and water mixing into a ball. Put some corn meal or flour on the pizza pan and spread out into your desired thinness. While you're making the crust, heat the oven to 375. Bake the crust so it gets a lil' crunchy, making sure it doesn't stick to the pan. Take out from the oven and dress with sauce, vegetables and any other of your favorite toppings.

Individual yeast-free 'za crust
1 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
a pinch of salt
2 tbs olive oil
1/4 cup water
A pinch of dried rosemary, thyme, oregano and garlic

I only wish my partner in culinary crime, Baker, was at my feet to eat my crusts! He's really not my partner in culinary crime, more like my cute criminal in eating my plate of food when I'm not looking. The lil' bugger. Either way, I like to share my crusts with him.

Get cozy, roll out some dough, make a pizza and relax on this brisk January night.

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  1. I love how candid you are! So what if you don't have yeast, right? In facy, when you don't have yeast you should try your hand at some Indian rotis - they don't require yeast at all! and once you're tired of that you can graduate to stuffed rotis - better known as stuffed parathas and try endless things with it!