Monday, January 4, 2010

Cold Minnesotan Nightss

I spent the last week in Mexico enjoying the sun, too many Modelo's and good company. When I finally arrived home last night I was in shock at how frickin' cold it was. Ice all over the roads, nose hairs freezing and icicles forming on eye lashes. Alright, I am over exaggerating about the last two. There really was ice all over the roads.

Like many in the midwest in winter, I've found ways to embrace the cold - with a whole lotta whisky. Uhhh, I mean, spicy foods... Really, when in doubt, it does the trick! Spicy foods, that is. A hot snappy curry, peppery spaghetti sauce, chili with a kick or even a hot chocolate with some cayenne. Adding the right spices to a dish not only make it flavorful, it can warm a belly in negative degree weather.

There is an adorable artisan pasta shop by my house where I got some red pepper pasta. Sooo delish. I boiled that, sautéed some vegetables and a had some home made pasta sauce on hand. I tossed it all together and placed it all over some baby spinach. The heat from the pasta and vegetables helps to wilt the spinach so it is more manageable when eating. I can't stand spinach in cooked meals when it's wilted to shit. If you do, add it in the saute pan and get it rockin' with the rest of the vegetables.

This dish will work with any pasta, sauce and vegetables. A guarantee quick dinner. So if you're in the frigid temperatures, bust out some spice and tantalize your taste buds!

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