Saturday, January 2, 2010

Vegan Mutts One Year Anniversary!

It's rare that I pay attention to anniversaries or any dates for that matter. I am that girl that never knows how long she's been dating someone, or how long she's been in college, it certainly seems like an eternity! It can go on and on. It's not that I am unaware of time, I just don't think much of it. Does it really matter? I think my best friend and I have been friends for eternity or that I've been out of high school for 15 years when it has only been about 7... or 6. Like I said, time, dates and ages mess me up. I don't pay attention to them. But I do remember when I started blogging because I blog on a regular basis, and well, it's been a year!

Blogging has been fun and quite the culinary adventure. Thanks for following me and Baker over the last year. If you have any requests or things you'd like to see in the new year, let me know!

Happy New Year! We'll be posting some healthy goodies once we return from Mexico! Adios!

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