Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chili? Me? Never!


I crushed up a whole dried chili pepper to top my chili for lunch this afternoon. I made the mistake of not washing my hands afterward and then touching my nose. Not just my nose, but kind of in it, my septum. Ooohh dang, it burns! It kind of makes me want to crush up chili peppers and put them all over my skin so I can stay extra toasty when I face the cold and snow! That, probably would be uncomfortable, but it crossed my mind.

Next week, I gear up for my first move this year! Especially after all the moving I did last year, I hope this will be my only one. If not, that's okay, too. So, I'm rummaging through my belongings, which are already sparse and deciding if they're worth taking along or giving away. I like to keep what I own to a minimum. I'm young and will be following where my heart takes me after the next year when I'm done with school. I don't want to lug a couch across the country, my massage table is enough!

Along with cleaning out my bathroom cabinets, I started to clear out the refrigerator and freezer. How amazing is this - It's cold out side, and I had some frozen chili from earlier this fall in my freezer! Sometimes, I forget how brilliant I can be! A fresh batch would have been just as tasty, but this was pretty dank. I can't provide a recipe because I don't even know when I made it... The bacteriologists in my family are probably shaking their heads. But it's frozen! It's okay!

Pretty sure that is a grill under all of that snow...

So, if you're living in the cold, or in North Dakota where it's supposed to be -54 today, put some chili peppers up your nose. Just joshin', make a big batch of chili. It will make your house smell so good, the neighbors will smell it through the snowbank and come over like chili zombies begging for some.


  1. So... you were picking your nose?

  2. You would say something like that! I had an itch! :)