Thursday, January 21, 2010

Green and Gallllicky

Hummus. A favorite for many herbivores and omnivores. I am in love with it and am trying to find my perfect recipe. When ever I make home made hummus, it's always too garlicky, too thick, too tahini-y, or too runny. I have yet to find my balance for such a simple and adaptable dip.

My last batch turned out a little green and too garlicky. I put in fresh chopped parsley and some scallions into the blender that made it turn a tad bit green. Delicious, yes, but I even scared poor little B's away with my garlic breath. What am I feeling bad about- he scares me with his breath every day, and not just in the morning.

There were some leftover tortillas in the fridge that needed a purpose and we needed something as a hummus transporter. I sliced the tortillas into little pieces using a pizza cutter, drizzled a little olive oil on them and tossed them with some chili powder, cayenne and salt. I've done that before with pitas, too. I love re-inventing ingredients that are just hanging out in the refrigerator. Plus, it can be a way to impress a crowd when you tell them that you 'made' the tortilla or pita chips. Keep it in mind for your Super Bowl parties!

Green and garlicky it was, but we were hungry after a day of snowshoeing and didn't mind too much. If you have hummus ideas, recipes you adore, or any tips, let me know! I'll continue my hummus journey and be posting some experiments in the upcoming weeks.

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