Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Epic Fail

Growing up, I looooved Belgian waffles. My Mom, bless her, would round me and my sisters up for a weekend get-away to Appleton, Wisconsin to stay at the Paper Valley Hotel. Looking back, I can only imagine how stressful it was for my Mom. We'd arrive, swim, eat pizza, watch a movie go to bed and repeat the next Saturday. On Sunday, before we'd leave, we'd have brunch with my grandparents who live in the Fox River Valley. One thing I'll always remember the Paper Valley Hotel for is their amazing Belgian waffles. I'd get them with a heaping pile of whipped cream and strawberries. I loved it. Now, it's rare that I ever eat waffles.

This year for a Christmas gift, I got a waffle maker. Having some time this Saturday, I attempted and please, let me emphasize attempted to make waffles. It was an epic, epic fail in my book of culinary genius. The batter stuck to the iron, the insides were doughy and resembled nothing like a waffle. I think Baker was the only happy camper on Saturday because he ate all the scraps.

Baker eating scraps of waffle
I'm not about to give up on waffles. This childhood favorite will love on forever in my repertoire, therefore, I must persist. If you have any waffle tips, tricks or advice, let me know! I'm blaming my experience to my new iron and that I need to develop a better relationship with it; making sure it's heated enough before placing the batter in it, letting it sit long enough before removing from the heat, etc.

Waffle suck to new iron...
Heading into round 3 of my waffle attempt on Saturday morning, I was annoyed and hungry. I tossed the waffle towel in and said 'F-this, I'm making pancakes!' I really wasn't that annoyed, I try to find humor in everything, even dry walling... Ha! That's funny enough, me-- dry walling?! Ha!

The pancakes turned out lovely, and all of our bellies were happy. Moral of story-- So, when life gives you an unseasoned waffle iron, make some bloody pancakes and get over it.


  1. Nice use of "bloody." Great writing :)

  2. "fail" ? I bet Baker didn't think so!