Friday, January 22, 2010

It's all about Tortillas.

We're always buying tortillas. Enchiladas are a household favorite, vegetable wraps are a must for lunch and tacos are so quick on a weekday night. Let's just say, we use a lot of them.

I'm not a food snob, but prefer not having HFCS, hydrogenated oils and other goofy preservatives in what I eat. Baker and his Pop could care less, but I do. I like to fuel my body with healthy foods so I can feel fantastic all the time- minus the occasional cookie over load. I'm still working on that.

The other thing I prefer is making my food from scratch. I try to make as much as I can by myself so I can be sure it's healthy and fresh. Not to mention it helps to reduce waste. Bread, cereal, even apples come in plastic bags. Buying flours, nuts, granola, etc. in bulk help to keep costs low and reduce waste. Making things from scratch might sound like a huge hassle and yeah, sometimes it is. But, looking at the bigger picture and learning about the current impacts on how we get our foods leaves me with a responsibility. Because I have an understanding on where foods come from, the fuel it takes, and some of the poor agricultural practices occurring only leaves me with a choice. That choice is to become more responsible consumer. I have a choice in where I purchase my foods. As I've learned more about the fuel costs, waste of packaging and farming, I started to look at what I really buy that travels long distances and comes in excessive packaging. Tortillas, bread, cereal, tea, bananas, avocados etc. It's a frightening exercise to do; realizing that your tomato on your sandwich came from California or your apple traveled from New Zealand. Some of my favorite foods; avocados, bananas, grapefruits all travel long, long distances to my home. Not to mention coffee and tea, they come quite a ways, too. This year I'm trying to buy less packaging and trying my hardest to only buy seasonal foods. Yes, it's tricky in Northern Wisconsin, but I'm not about to give up on it and try my best. I ate a banana this morning, but maybe I won't buy bananas or boxed cereal for a month. Every little bit really does count. Consider it. If not for your health, your children's or the environment.

Now, back to tortillas!

Stage 1 of tortilla production: Rolling out the dough
It's easy, just take a little ball off of your big blob of dough and begin to roll out. They don't have to be perfect circles, that's for sure! I even made one that looked like a triangle!
When my parnter and I would go to the grocery store to get ingredients to make enchiladas and he'd see the price of healthy tortillas v. unhealthy ones. Oh, boy. The conversations we'd have. In no time, we'd be discussing marketing tactics. To avoid that, funky preservatives and the price I opted to made my own. They are way simpler than I thought they would be. If you have a free hour, you can roll these babies out no problem. They are so healthy and fun to make! I'd never made anything like it before. It was a new and fun culinary experience.

Tortilla dough all set to be heated up.

I got my recipe over at Novel Eats. Healthy and simple! It used walnuts as the base fat. How brilliant is that? Healthy omega fats and protein, all in a tortilla!

Tortilla warming in the pan. Gettin' bubbly!
Stack of finished tortillas.

If you are into cooking healthy foods for you and your family or want to simply cut back on the packaging your foods come in, check out the recipe. Depending on how you make them, they can make a lot. Whip up a batch for a weekend of Mexican food. We have so many tortillas right now it looks like Tortilla-Navidad! So many tortillas waiting to be stuffed with deliciousness. Go on, impress yourself! Make them!

Finally finished! Accompany your taco or enchiladas with a cool Modelo. Enjoy!

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