Friday, December 11, 2009

Day Two

The first three days of anything are always miserable.  Giving up alcohol, quitting smoking, starting a new work out routine or in my case, shutting out sugar.  I've given up multiple things in my life, temporarily and premaritally.  Well, nothing is really permanent, but eventually it becomes a lifestyle.  I don't smoke any more, and would never ever dream of putting a cigarette in my mouth - ever.  I am a vegan and will never go back.  Transitioning to new and healthier lifestyles take time can be tricky.  I was a vegetarian for years on and off.  After watching a PETA documentary, I knew I could never eat meat again.  It was so disturbing.  Paul McCartney said, "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian."  It is so true, too.  After my initial wake up call, I did some more reading and started researching recipes.  It will be three years in January that I have lived a vegan lifestyle.  I feel as if once you become educated on any topic, in this case, vegetarianism/veganism, responsibility is involved. I know the effects of factory farming, on our environment, drinking water, the poor conditions animals live in for our consumption.  How, after seeing suffering animals, envionrments trashed, natural water ways polluted could one agree to eat meat.  A lot has to happen and be damaged for meat that is delivered to your market.  How can one think that the meat they eat is healthy?  How can you, as a consumer, know that the animal wasn't diseased, injected with antibiotics or hormones?  Were you at the farm?  Most people I know throw a whole loaf of bread away when they see a little bit of mold on the heel.  If you fall into that category, ask yourself,"how can I eat meat from a chicken that had disease in its life?"  I guess, since most people don't see where their meat comes from, or even have a clue how far it travels, it doesn't bother them.  To round up my rant, I feel as if being educated on vegetarianism, is a responsibility.  I am a world citizen and see the bigger picture.  Knowing this, it is my duty to leave this world a better place; for me and my sisters children to live happy and healthy lives.  

I've never felt healthier eating a vegan diet.  I limit processed foods and eat a balanced whole-foods diet.  When I do put crap in my body, I can tell immediately.  Sugar, hydrogenated oils, HFCS, alcohol, etc.  I do try to limit these things are much as possible, but some days it's impossible.  Even after I over indulge in homemade chocolate-chocolate chip cookies, I look at tomorrow as a new day to try again.  Every day is a gift and a new day to try and do better.  Not just eating; being a better listener, being a conscious driver, being a better student, or being less of something or nothing!  Don't get too down on yourself if you slip up!

One thing that I've learned in life is to be gentle, especially on yourself.  Speaking of gentle and delicious, I made up a healthy and easy miso soup yesterday to help ground my belly after my sugar binge.  Miso is great for your immune system.  It's fermented and has plenty of B vitamins, vitamin E and helps to maintain nutritional balance through its active enzymes and bacteria.  Something I defiantly needed!  

Miso is easy to soo easy to prepare.  I followed the directions on my paste package, added some vegetables and *poof!* healthy soup!  It is ready in seconds!  Don't boil miso, the heat kills any fermented goodness.  Just a tip!

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