Monday, October 5, 2009

A Rainy Saturday Treat!

I absolutely adore Lindsay's blog, Happy Herbivore.  Her recipes are simple and healthy, two things I really appreciate!  Her blog is informative, fun and sometimes she'll even post pictures of her adorable pugs.  I love that!  I highly recommend her blog for healthy vegan recipes and tips.  

Cinnamon roll with Raisins

Over the weekend, which was cold and rainy I opted to warm up the house with a batch  of her whole-wheat cinnamon rolls. This recipe defiantly satisfied the hungry bellies of non-vegans!  I felt good making, eating and sharing them, especially knowing how healthy they were - compared to the alternative, of course!  They are cinnamon rolls, not kale & broccoli rolls!

cinnamon rolls before icing

with icing - yumm.

Look no further for a Cinnabon in the airport or mall and make these lil' guys!  They're delicious and delightful to eat with a great cup o' joe on a rainy Saturday morning.  

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