Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flashback to a 'Toastier' Time

So this Saturday morning in Minneapolis, there was snow on the ground!  What's up with that mutha' nature?  I love seasons changing and could never live in a climate that is warm all year, but I like to be a little prepared...  I don't even have a winter coat yet.  It is on my list of things to buy before it gets too cold, along with some saran wrap for the windows!  

Our house is poorly insulated.  This morning when I woke up, I made sure to exhale through my mouth to see if I could see my breath.  No luck, yet...  We're waiting until we can't stand it to turn the heat on.  I'm tuffin' up-- the long johns are coming out with other warmables.  I don't care if I look like the Michelin man, I am determined to be warm!  Layer upon layer, I know another reliable way to warm up - get your heads outta' the gutter!  C'mon this is a food blog.  I'm talking about turning on the stove or oven!  The first frost or snowfall puts me in the mood to bake cookies, bread and make soup.  This will last until spring...  So get ready for a lot of soup, comfort foods, baked goodies an probably some bitching about my waistline.  You can expect that in January, for sure.  

I've been hankering a hearty soup and sandwich all week and finally this afternoon, I got it!  I whipped up some tortilla soup and made a 'toastie'.  My dad would always call grilled cheese, toasted cheese sandwiches.  My oldest sister and I still giggle together wondering why the heck he calls grilled cheese, toasted cheese.  So gourmet of him!   Now, any warm sandwich I call a "toastie".  

Up close of my Toastie

I'm not one for fake cheeses.  When I first changed my diet I played around with multiple different soy and rice based cheeses not finding anything that tasted worth its dollar, so I gave up!  I love a lil' nutritional yeast on my pizza or mixed in with some pasta but I never go out of my way to purchase fake cheese...  

Multiple people have recommended Teese to me, but I had never purchased it until today.  On sale, I thought, "Heck, you've been craving a toasted cheese sandwich, try it!"  It was pretty good, as good as a soy cheese can be.  I'm looking forward to trying it out a little more, maybe I'll make some pizza tonight.  Anyway, it made for a lovely tomato basil "Toastie" that accompinied my tortilla soup.  

Warm up and put your... oven mitts on!  

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