Friday, August 14, 2009

Go on, Sweat! It's Summer!

Some of the Italians near and dear to me might ask where the pasta and parmesan is in this dish; but I guarantee they will still think it's delicious.  Especially on a hot summer evening.  This week heated up quite a bit and has been fostering many raw dishes.  This raw zucchini pasta recipe is so simple, light and flavorful, it could easily be served at a fancy dinner party to wow guests.  Never underestimate simplicity!  

Raw Zucchini Pasta

What you will need:
zucchinis - Green or yellow, or both! 
vegetable peeler
salt n' pepper - optional 

Hold zucchini on an angle and without a ton of pressure begin to peel the skin away.  That's basically it!  Feel free to dust with salt and pepper before tossing a sauce on.  I used a simple marinara sauce; but pesto would be just fabulous!  A definite summer keeper! 

Zucchini ribbons before adding the sauce

Grab a cool beverage and get peelin'!  Your friends and family will love this!  P.S.- It twirls lovely, just like spaghetti!  I'm sure you could fool the kiddos saying that it's cold spaghetti!  You'll be surprised when they finish their plates!  You'll know that they just ate a whole raw zucchini and I guarantee a proud "mom-moment" will take over! 

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  1. Whoa- what a great idea! Zuc ribbons- who'd a thuk it. It looks like you're peeling a banana. And it looks delish. I should try it. Thanks.