Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fruit Frappe

Since I've moved to Minneapolis, I've had a chance to eat at brilliant restaurants with excellent vegan options and shop at fantastic co-ops and grocery stores.  It was overwhelming, the variety of vegan ice creams, snacks and baked goodies to try!  I can say... I tried a lot of them; and they were all soo tasty!  Don't even get me thinking about Purely Decadent soy ice cream.  Great, now I'm thinking about it - and I want it!  This leads me to my little problem.  Once I start a pint of soy ice cream, I can't stop.  Within a half an hour I have an empty pint and a terrible belly ache.  To make me feel even worse, the next morning I wake up with a head ache as if I had been drinking heavily instead of eating soy ice cream.  Don't I sound hard core?  he he he.  Oh, how sugar effects my body.  

Knowing I had to do something about this problem of inhaling delicious soy ice creams, I made a commitment and a healthy switch.  Sure, it might not be Chocolate Tofutti, but it's pretty refreshing and healthy.  I've started blending up a mixture of frozen and fresh fruits and placing the mixture into the freezer for about two hours before eating.  The finish product ends up as a whole fruit sorbet.  Sometimes when I'm feeling spry, I'll even add some cocoa powder! 

I usually blend one banana, and any mixed berries - freeze for about two hours and enjoy!  It's been perfect for these hot and humid nights we've been having in Minnesota this past week.  

So, my overeating of soy ice cream is at bay and is being curbed with my lovely new 'Fruit Frappe'.  Be creative and add any other goodies; coconut flakes, chocolate chips, cookie chunks?  Like I said, be creative and have fun!  

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