Monday, July 20, 2009


It's been forever. Right after I moved I went to a yoga teacher training with Shiva Rea and didn't have an opportunity to cook - but was fed well. The training was at Kripalu Center for Yoga in Lenox, Massachusetts. If there are any yoga nuts that are blog followers, go there! First of all, it's absolutely beautiful, tucked away in the Berkshires right next to Tanglewood. I kept my fingers crossed hoping I'd run into Yo-Yo Ma, no such luck. Secondly, the food is amazing! The meals are prepared with organic and local seasonal ingredients; vegans and omnivores will be pleased with any thing that they put on their plates. I ate very well, yum! Check out Kripalu's web page to see their workshop schedule, there are even some programs just for cooking!

Anyway, it's going on my second week home from my training and am kind of starting to feel a little more comfortable in my new diggs. Tonight, I got home from work early and was ravishing. The thought of picking up veggie sushi or a burrito clouded my hungry mind on my drive home, but sure enough, I talked myself out of it. I still find it a little challenging to cook as I slowly realize I don't have some staples I need to make up some favorite dishes. Thankfully, my Mom came out to visit this weekend and was nice enough to run to the grocery store with me and buy some food for me. Thanks Mom!

Tonight's meal consisted of diced green beans, zucchini and carrots in a spicy chipotle tomato sauce over red quinoa. I garnished with some home grown sprouts. Speedy and deeelish!

I'm excited to get back into the kitchen and whip up some new creations! Check back for more 'ahem' exciting culinary adventures!

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  1. Oh my, a big endorsement deal with Kripalu now? Pretty soon this will be a pay site... what with Baker pictures and all.