Thursday, April 23, 2009

Makin' Maki!

I loooovee sushi!  Pickled ginger, soy sauce and wasabi were just meant to be!  Last weekend, my sister recommend that we all get together and make sushi.  Immediately, plans were made and sushi was being served.  

This is another meal that I love to prepare for a large group of people.  It's so easy and only takes a little practice.  Usually, people want to try rolling their own, it's fun to get everyone involved! 

                       Carrot, Cashew, Scallion and Avocado Roll

Okay, why it's so dang easy-- just thinly slice up whatever vegetables, fruits or nuts and place them on a platter.  From there, just ask guests what they'd like in their roll and start rollin'!  It's a great way to impress people.  If only they'd know how easy it is!  He he he.  

                             Vegetables ready to be rolled!  

Our sushi party was successful and pretty tasty.  When we ran out of nori, my sisters husband started making lettuce wraps-- Brilliant!  Give it a try if you don't like the smell of nori, it will still be delish.  

                                                  Lettuce wraps

Don't be intimidated if your rolls aren't perfect...Serve drinks!  Guests will forget what their roll looked like anyway!  I'm only half joking...  Really, people will be grateful no matter what their roll looks like.   So, have fun and don't worry.  Get out your wasabi, ginger and bamboo roller and make some maki!

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