Sunday, April 26, 2009

Secret Ingredient Cookies

A couple months ago my friend Brian sent me a package of goodies in the mail.  This wasn't a bill or a thoughtful card, but a package!  Wow-e!  Quite the surprise!  If it weren't for Netflix, I doubt I'd ever check the mail.  Anyway, it was the most thoughtful thing and even included delicious home made vegan cookies!  I don't think I've ever been sent cookies in the mail, it was a total treat.  

After eating a cookie and experiencing it's deliciousness, I knew I needed to make them for myself.  Immediately after chocolate comatose passed, I called up my friend and begged like a junkie for the recipe.  Once I guessed his secret ingredient, he e-mailed me the recipe.

Usually, I keep secrets really well... Unless it's something I NEED to get out... like the secret ingredient of these cookies!  he he he.  The recipe calls for fruit preserves!  I used strawberry jam in my batch, a delightful duet of chocolate and fruit.  MMmmm.  Jam adds a brilliant texture and a lil' somethin' somethin' for the taste buds to ponder.    

Of course, my cookies did not turn out as well as his, but they were still pretty fantastic.  I know I'll be making them again.  Thanks for the new recipe, Brian!  


  1. Uh, can I have the recipe for these little somthin' somthin's? Thanks Tastee.

  2. Ok, these cookies are AMAZING!!!!!