Saturday, January 30, 2010

"To prove that I am not a fool-- Back to school!"

It has been the loooonnngeeessttt week. Ever.

School started on Monday and I have had quite the time getting into a routine. My schedule is already goofy as a yoga teacher; running from studio to studio at various times to teach. I love teaching. I'm passionate about the practice and love sharing it with my students. Plus, it works out fabulously with my schedule at the University.

This week got bitter cold. Baker's lil' legs move so fast when we're on our walks. Thank goodness. If he were stopping to lift his leg every snowbank I'd freeze in place.

The cold does remarkable things and it has driven me to drink... cocoa! I am obsessed. What wonders a warm chocolate drink can make in my day! I've had quite a hard time making hot cocoa from scratch. Some days it's perfect and the next is a bitter cup of blah. I thought I'd try the Silk's chocolate soy milk and warm it up. I got their Light Chocolate soy milk, warmed it up and fell in love. I don't know if they got a new recipe or what, but it is so smooth, chocolately, and oh my! I sat down to do some reading yesterday afternoon and probably drank about half the carton! Oh, Suga', what a delight!

Hot cocoa accompanying some homework-- A delightful combination!

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  1. oh girl! I KNOW how you feel! Don't worry... things will calm down! :)