Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thai it-- I did!

I stepped out of my comfort zone and followed a recipe... to a T. It's rare that I ever do that. I'm always modifying an original, even if I haven't made it before! Usually, I don't have one or two of the ingredients, skimp on oil, add too much oil, etc.

I had never had Pad Thai before, even in my pre-vegan days. I thought it would be something new to try and to cook. I made Isa's Brooklyn Pad Thai from VWAV. Leme tell ya, there is a butt-load of comfort in a recipe, especially hers. I've tried a bunch of her recipes and have loved pretty much all of them. If it's good enough to be published, there is a somewhat guarantee that it's going to be good. No improvisation, just directions and good intentions!

For those of you who don't know me, I am more than a bit geeky. Knowing that I never had the dish before, I wanted to learn about how the dish is originally prepared before making it. To learn, one must investigate. Soooo, I researched it! It's so interesting to do, especially if I have never experienced the dish or flavor. I usually find cool cultural facts, history and variations on the dish. Then, when I finally sit down to a new meal, I know more than just what is in it. Plus, it gives an idea on how the dish is supposed to turn out!

Above: ingredients to make the sauce for the Pad Thai

After the tofu crisped in the pan, I transfered it to an old paper bag to rest. The paper bag helps leach out any extra oil. I do that with cookies sometimes, too. I don't know if it really cuts back on calories and fat, but it's reassuring to see all the oil remaining on the paper!

Above: Tofu crisping in the pan. Below: Tofu resting on a paper bag
The recipe made a lot of food, it fed 4 hungry bellies, with some leftover. It was defiantly sweet and a bit spicy. I especially loved all the fresh cilantro, yum. As a whole, it was good, but something I don't think I'll make again, unless requested.

I'm glad I 'Thai'ed something new!

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