Sunday, October 25, 2009

In case you flop...

I am trying to master a peanut brittle recipe before the winter holidays.  My first attempt this week was a miserable flop.  I think what I need to make it work is a lil' bit o' patience and and candy thermometer.  I have a tendency to prematurely take things out when the should still bake, cook or boil...  It has gotten out of hand.  But, I'm getting better!  

Anyway, my first batch of peanut brittle left me with a whole cookie sheet of peanut butter sugary goo.  I don't think I let the PB, sugar and agave congeal in the heat long enough.  Either way, it flopped and was too good to through away, right?  So, I made cupcakes and used the peanut butter goo as a filling!  I had so much of it, I even made a pan of brownies to bring into the girls at work.  One girl stopped me and said "You made those brownies?  They're good.  You bitch."  I took it as a complement!  I am defiantly a cookin' bitch, watch out!

There isn't a real recipe, but maybe a recipe for shy or new bakers...  When things flop, embrace it and make... Cupcakes!  Or whatever you want...  I've made so many things that taste disgusting, look gosh-darn awful and somethings that never leave the pan - probably because it was burnt into it...  Not only do they make for funny stories (later, of course) to tell family and friends but it helps build culinary character!  Things cannot always be perfect, change is the only constant!  Be rigid and get mad, or giggle and learn that your boyfriends oven might say 350 degrees when it really is 400.  Learn and bake accordingly!  

Some of the PB exploded out of the cupcakes...  but delicious!  

So, back to the brownies and cupcakes.  They tasted awesome.  For the cupcakes, I used Isa's chocolate cupcake recipe from VCTOTW and just scooped some PB goo in between the batter.  Same thing for the brownie recipe.  It made my flop a tad bit sweeter.  Expect some blogs about real PB brittle soon! 


  1. After reading this several times, I am still not sure I understand the problem "a whole cookie sheet of peanut butter sugary goo."

  2. My sheet of peanut brittle did not set and left me with a cookie sheet of gooey peanut butter and sugar- not peanut brittle. Maybe it was not a problem?