Sunday, September 20, 2009

Well... What do you eat?

As long as we're vegans, there will always be the inquiries.  "What do you eat?  Where do you get your protein?  Can you eat garlic?  Are you apart of a cult?"   I anticipate interacting with hecklers, haters and people who have never heard of veganism.  I promise to embrace them, educate and excite; even if they are just making fun of me.  One of my co-workers approached me while I was eating lunch in the break room on Friday and said "I would have never guessed you're a vegan, you're so cool."  I hope to change that outlook.  Everyones cool, no matter what ones likes or dislikes are.  I'm no elitist.  

Knowing someone was a recovered alcoholic, I'd never insist that they have a drink or pressure someone on a diet to eat chocolate cake or ask why they're not eating something.  That's rude, right?  They know what's best for them and good for them for knowing it!  Offer up an ear, listen and let be.  Sure, I wasn't always like this, but quickly learned to be compassionate of others opinions or lifestyle, whether I thought they were good or bad.  If it's good for them, it's good for me.  

If I have to be the butt of everyones jokes, fine.  I'm okay with it, because I know that how I choose to live my life, is the best for me.  I make delicious and healthy meals- and I mean really healthy meals, that taste good! (Try a recipe!)  I find it reassuring knowing that what I put in my body as well as what I offer to others is not only made with love, but will nourish and aid in a healthier life.  I don't ever see myself having a heart attack...  Ever.  If I do, I'll blog about it! 

I am a vegan and very active.  I'm a yogeni, avid runner and swimmer.  Fueled off of compassion!  So, if you want to ask me what on earth I eat, get ready for an earful.  I'll probably drag you go to the grocery store and then make you a meal.  Keep an open mind and you might even learn a thing or two! 

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