Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vegetable Cilantro Salad

I've been pretty blessed this summer to do some fun traveling.  Last week, I was in New York City visiting my cousin who is more like an older brother.  We had a great time together; good laughs and great food.  He was pretty amused at my excitement when we stopped in at Babycakes NYC.  It was one of my favorite parts of the trip!  We ordered a couple cupcakes and split a doughnut.  A doughnut!  I never thought I'd have one ever again!  I smile thinking about how adorable their bakery is!  Oh, and across the street from where I stayed, there was a bagel joint: Lots-o-Bagel which even offered tofu cream cheese!  

After indulging in fabulous meals and having more than enough drinks I was happy to get home to cook some healthy meals.  

This vegetable salad is so delicious and easy.  I tossed it together on Sunday night to have for lunch throughout the week.  Enjoy it plain, over pasta or plate it up with some leafy greens.  

Cilantro Vegetable Salad
3-4 carrots
5-6 radishes 
1/2 zucchini 
1/2 c or so garbanzo beans
1/2 c or so peas
1/4 c or more chopped cilantro

I eyeballed all the ingredients- if you want more of one thing, add more!  Chop up everything and toss together with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.


  1. I'd recommend some sort of acid, too -- though don't add until served! Lime juice is traditional with cilantro. Anybody ever try different vinegars or a different citrus fruit?

  2. You think of everything! :) It was definitely missing some lime!