Friday, May 29, 2009

Raw Truffles

Boy o' boy, these were delicious and so frickin' easy to make!  I stumbled on this recipe on Have Cake, Will Travel's blog.  I followed her advice and made 'balls', instead of pressing them into bars.  To make them look pretty, I rolled some in powdered sugar, cocoa powder and chopped walnuts.  

I had a leftover chocolate box that I used to place them in and give as a gift.  My friend couldn't tell that they were, raw or vegan.  I love when people find out that treats I make are vegan and healthy!  It definitely brightens my day!  She thought she was indulging in some super sinful goodness.  Granted, they are a full serving or rich (but healthy) goodness!


  1. Arggh! I can't find this recipe on the blog you linked. Can you point it out?

  2. Eric- click on her recipe index and under Breakfast you'll see a raw brownie recipe. To die for! :)