Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Current Heros

Over Memorial Day weekend I went to Madison to visit my sister, Emily and her husband Eric.  E & E, as they're know in my family.  They're probably the cutest couple that has roamed the planet since dinosaurs.  I'm guessing at one point there was an adorable Brontosaurus couple...  Ok, enough dino-talk.  

Anyway, they ran the Madison half marathon.  It was a ton of fun to see them as they prepared over the last months and have the opportunity to see them run.  My Mom and other sister, Amy were in town too, to watch them run.  The three of us had a blast running from mile marker to mile marker to root them on.  We were boarder line embarrassing with all of our hoop n' hollering and encouraging comments, "Dogs are chasing you, move it!"   They finished under their goal time and even looked as if they were having fun while running.  Pretty cool!

                                              My current heros: E & E

The night before the race we grilled some portobello caps, roasted some fresh local asparagus and had some brown rice with a tomato sauce.  Healthy  nutrition for a pre-marathonin' meal!  

Either way, I'm so proud of them.  They have both inspired me to start training for a 1/2 in August.  Thanks for being such an inspiration, I love you guys! 

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