Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh, peanuts

I love peanut butter. In a weak moment, I'll eat it out of the jar with a spoon. Although that habit has gotten better, I still love it and would do it if I didn't end up feeling like a pudgy elephant afterward.

Today was absolutely beautiful. The sky was blue, the sun was out and buds are beginning to bloom on the trees. It even smells sweet. I love this time of year. Usually, in Wisconsin, we jump from winter to summer in a blink. The 'in between' time is usually lost. This spring we've been really fortunate with pleasant weather and I am completely in love with it.

I spent the morning studying and working on weeding the garden. Bakie's ol' man and I are going to make some raised beds to put in our garden this year. I came in to make a snack mid-morning to find a refrigerator with a container of hummus, celery and and cilantro that has been in the vegetable drawer for over a month now... Pickins' were slim. Not too slim or slimming 'cause I tossed together a batch of Your Vegan Mom's PB rice crispies. Hot dang were these delicious! Between the two of us, we noshed on the whole pan 'till the afternoon. I hit my high and crashed. I took a good solid hour nap only to wake up and crave some more. Darn peanut butter haunting me in my dreams!

Over the past two days, I just can't get enough peanut butter or peanuts! Something about it is just calling me. I'm blaming PMS or maybe the end of the semester... I don't know, but I've got to tame this recent crazy obsession otherwise I'll be flopping my way through summer on my belly. Reallly bad visual...

To another nut! Cashews!

Penne in Garlicy Cashew Sauce

I've read a ton about pureeing cashews to make them into a cheesy sauce. I finally experimented with it a bit this weekend and am completely excited to try it out again! My sauce was a little on the dry side. I either didn't make enough, baked it for too long or didn't give it enough liquid to begin with. I don't know. I'll post the recipe when I feel completely at peace with it. Besides being a tad dry, it had great flavor. Mmm! :)

One more week of school before finals! I can so do this... Hey-- Have you seen my peanutbutter? :)


  1. P.S. I freaking love cashews... cashews are like taking the best day of your life and putting it in your mouth.