Sunday, April 18, 2010

In the Defense of Potato Chips!

It is hard to tell what encouraged me to make potato chips. My original plan was to make thin crispy slices of potatoes. It was not until after I ate my first batch when I realized 'Hey, these are potato chips!' Sometimes, I'm a little slow.
My first batched I sliced thin in nonuniform shapes pretty much slicing n' dicing wherever on the spud. They looked less chip like and more uh, I don't know, amoeba- like? It was easier keeping them in the same circular shape.
I don't even like potato chips. Well, I do like kettle chips - Theee Kettle Chips. Potato chip fans know what I'm talkin' about! A year ago I was in Ottawa visiting a friend who is a feen for kettle chips. I ate more than my fair share when I was visiting. I'm afraid to buy a bag, I might turn into a kettle monster!
Eventhough these chips I made were far from Backyard BBQ Kettle Chips, it felt so good to have made some junk food from scratch. Yeah, yeah, that sounds disgusting. But really - olive oil, salt, pepper and potatoes in the oven can't be that bad- it's not kale, but it's also not some packaged hydrogenated crap. While I snacked on them, I felt good. I made something most people wouldn't and like Michael Pollen said, "make your own junk food."
I made that! How crazy!

Above are the more uniformed chips. I dusted some salt, pepper, cayenne and garlic on them. Delish!
Baker even liked them!

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