Friday, February 12, 2010

Bean there and loved it!

I've been a lot of places. Mexico, Ireland, Italy, Montreal, scary basements at 3 am... Okay, my blog title today is a little more than lame.

Really, I've had the coolest experience baking with some lil' black beans. I am sooo in love! I followed Lindsay's recipe at Happy Herbivore for her Black Bean Brownies and wow-e these puppies are a dream! The limited ingredients make it healthy and so easy to make! It's basically just bananas, black beans, cinnamon and some maple syrup or agave with cocoa powder. They turned out so lovely. They are fudgy, sweet enough with out the added buzz and as far as brownies go, so friggin' healthy!

I brought them to the fabulous artist I am interning for this afternoon and she loved them, too. If you make these, you could definitely turn any omnivore or health nut on to them no problem. Goodness, I'd pair them up with some rice ice cream as a lil' brownie sundae... It might not make the brownie as healthy then, but still delicious! If you want to keep it healthy, pour yourself a cupa tea and sip as you nibble these glorious guys!

Enjoy your weekend and even though I'm not that into it, have an awesome Valentine's Day! Love is for everyone, not just couples! Spread your love thick and far. We all know we need more of it in the world, not just on Valentine's Day-- Every day! Smoooch!


  1. Oh my gosh! For the past few weeks I've been *dying* to try the happy herbivore bean brownies! I'm so glad these were a success! I have to just get off my lazy butt and try 'em. :)

  2. Those brownies are inspiring! And, I agree about V-Day... love is for everyone :)

  3. They're delicious! I highly recommend them! Love to you all!