Monday, November 2, 2009

Magical Pumpkin Pots!

In all seriousness, there is something magical about Pumpkin Pie; not just a lame title for my post.  It was always a childhood favorite and I still enjoy baking and cooking with pumpkin.  I even incorporate it into curries, potpies and other favorite fall dishes.  But, my favorite will always be pie.  A true classic.

Who could resist the texture, the spices, the warm-fuzzy feeling after eating the first bite.  Awhh, yes!  Pumpkin Pie, you are so magical! 

individual pumpkin pots baking
These individual pumpkin pots might not look as "magical" as I hyped them up to be, but their taste is superb and I guarantee a warm fuzzy feeling upon ingesting.  

Last year for Thanksgiving I used Susan V's recipe from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen for her Pumpkin Cheesecake.  It was sooo good that I got excited to make it once the leaves started to fall off the trees.  I highly recommend this recipe if you are planning on attending a meal with omnivores, they will be so impressed.  That is, if you share...

I had leftover cream cheese filling since I placed the pumpkin/cheesecake mixture into individual ramekins.  So when life gives you extra cheesecake mixture, make ghosts!  I tried to make ghosts on top of the pumpkin.  Some turned out great and some look just like blobs.  It was fun and my guests thought it was a cute idea!  I'll try to get a turkey outline down by the 26th!

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