Monday, April 6, 2009

O Canada!

A few weeks ago I had some time off and spent it visiting a dear friend in Ottawa.  Many of my friends in Green Bay questioned why I'd want to go to Canada... Especially in March.  After visiting, I can only say good things about Canada.  It's is beautiful!  I even learned how to cross country ski in Gatineau Park, it's so pretty!   When I wasn't hiking, skiing or drinking local micro-brewed beer, I was eating...  I came home about 10 pounds heavier, but it was so worth it!  Ottawa is a very veg-friendly community.  They had great vegan/vegetarian restaurants, fun coffee shops and amazing sushi bars.  Green Bay is limited in all of those areas, I had to take advantage of it!  

Ottawa has a large Middle-Eastern population and Shawarma joints on just about every corner! While I was there I couldn't get enough hummus, baba ghanoush, falafel and tabouli.  I completely fell back in love with hummus and especially the local tabouli...  Since I've been home, thats all I've wanted.  I caved in tonight and made up some falafel.  Not as good as what I had, but it came close!  

Instead of making a yogurt sauce, I made up an easy avocado sauce.  This would be great on sandwiches or veggie burgers as well.  It's easy to toss together and adds a nice richness to the packed pita.  

Avocado Sauce
1/2 avocado mashed
a slice of tomato- diced
dash of cilantro
dash of garlic powder
enough lemon to thin the avocado into a saucier spread

Mash everything together and spread onto pita.  Again, I make enough just for me, so feel free to double everything-- experiment! 

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